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Tai Tokerau Timebank in Whangārei: Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop & Timebank Social

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

When: Sat 26th August 2023

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Where: Matapouri

Timebank members: 3 timecredits

We are now into late winter / early spring – the perfect time to prune summer-fruiting trees.

Come along to this hands-on workshop:

· To learn how to prune plums, peaches, apples, pears, guavas and feijoas!

· To learn the distinctly different ways different fruit trees like to be pruned for the best results, so they are more productive next season.

· How to restore old neglected trees in ways that will have them perking up and coming back into production without the use of chainsaws and axes!

This is a wonderful opportunity to find out how to avoid harsh pruning techniques that damage or destroy trees rather than encouraging them to produce food for you.

Bring garden gloves, secateurs & /or loppers if you have them and wear old shoes or boots. If it’s wet, we’ll still go ahead and Brent will share his extensive knowledge of caring for fruit bearing trees and bushes.

Brent has a huge wealth of horticultural knowledge to share: his edible garden is filled with a wide variety of fruit and veggies - grapes, apples, pears, plums, figs, feijoas, jaboticaba, lucuma, atemoya, kei apple, pimenta, surinam, casimiroa, spreen and many more. He is a long time Timebanker and member of NZ Tree Crops Association; he grafts new and interesting fruit tree varieties onto his existing trees and presents garden related workshops.

This a wonderful opportunity to meet other Timebankers in a relaxed and friendly space. Doubling as the 1st Whangārei Timebank Social for months, it’s a great way to build relationships making exchanges so much easier and more enjoyable!

Please bring some simple kai to share and your drink preference!

If you’d like this valuable opportunity to learn from Brent’s wealth of pruning experience, please email me to secure your place & get the address of the workshop which is being held in a private garden:

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