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Timebanking across ngā motu

Before we all got sidetracked by Cyclone Gabrielle and other stormy weather our Whangārei Urban & North Local Coordinator Janey Pares Edney featured in a great article in the Herald on Sunday written by Paul Little.

Timebank coordinators across the country have been working together over the last couple of years to support each other, especially with upcoming changes to the software platform that many Timebanks use. By working together we've been able to make much more educated decisions about tech issues that quite frankly would normally have been beyond many of us! Hopefully we'll have some announcements on that front soon, and our own new Tai Tokerau Timebank website.

Out of the national collaboration has come the proposal to form TimeBanks Aotearoa New Zealand (TBANZ) which, if all goes according to plan, should be set up as a legal entity in the coming weeks. The aims of TBANZ are to support existing and new timebanks, mainly through their coordinators and steering groups, and promote Timebanking as a concept. With articles like Paul's and Noel Garcia's in The Northern Advocate that appeared last year already out there it looks like getting favourable press is already well in hand!

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