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Kaitaia Cycle

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Kaitaia Cycle for a small fee collects compostable waste from around town and takes it to be composted by the Good Life Projects for their Community Gardens run by and for adults with intellectual disabilities.

We aim to reduce your compostable waste going to landfill, where it can’t compost. Compostable waste includes not only foodscraps, but coffee grounds, paper towels & compostable kai packaging.

If we send compostable waste to landfill it creates methane which is a major cause of climate change.

Instead, we will turn your compostables into a rich resource for our gardens where it captures carbon, again reducing climate impact from carbon in the atmosphere.

If you would like to join this project and have your compostables collected or want help perhaps replicating this system elsewhere, drop in to the EcoCentre or email Waikarere Gregory direct

KaitāiaCycle - an exciting collaboration between The Good Life Projects, CBEC Eco Solutions and Plastic Free Te Hiku 

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