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Competition time!

Plastic Free Kaitāia 2020 are running three competitions for local businesses and educational institutions through Plastic Free July 2019. With the single use plastic carrier bag ban kicking in on 1st July, we want to recognise what extra steps are being taken in out community to combat the amount of single use plastic that ends up in landfill, or worse in our environment and consumed by wildlife.

People (aka customers!) are beginning to wake up to the fact that there is no such place as ‘away’ to through things to, and that recycling isn’t really a viable answer either. With so little recycling provision in country, and plastics ending up overseas in landfill and being burnt etc rather than properly recycled as there just isn’t a market for it, we need to focus on reducing the amount in circulation in the first place.

So we have….

Peoples’ Choice: Best Plastic Free Business

You may nominate any business in the Kaitāia rohe that has made improvements on reducing the use of ‘single use plastics’, eg allow customers to bring their own takeaway containers, cups, reusable bags, using eco-friendly single use containers, good recycling/composting systems in place etc

Most improved Plastic Free Business

This competition is for businesses that have made substantial improvements on how they have reduced their use of single use plastics. Any business in the Kaitāia area can apply, you don’t have to be nominated.

Most improved Plastic Free school/kura/early childhood centre/kōhanga reo

This is open to all schools, kura, early childhood centres and kōhanga reo in the Te Hiku rohe that have made substantial improvements in how they have reduced their use of single use plastics. Any can apply, you don’t have to be nominated.

Straws Suck Pledge

Additionally we’re encouraging local businesses to sign up to the internationally promoted Straws Suck campaign, saying that they will do all they can to reduce their usage of single use plastic straws.

So whether you’re part of an educational community or local business please think what changes you could make and get in to win, and think about which local business you’d like to nominate! Last year’s Plastic Free July competition winners got to receive their awards at Te Ahu from the Mayor John Carter (pictured below along with winners of the students’ poster competitions).

Prize Winners of Best Business and Age Group Poster Competition with John Carter FNDC Mayor, Adele Gardner Te Hiku Board Chair and project maruao Waikarere Gregory at Te Ahu

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