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Upcycled Art & Crafts at the Library

If you happen to be in the Kaitaia library on a Friday afternoon, perusing the shelves and minding your own business, you might hear something strange coming from somewhere down the back. You could have sworn you heard snatches of fairytale-like music, and that was definitely laughter. Kids laughing, but also, yes that was definitely an adult giggling...

Well, if your curiosity sends you back for a peek, you'll find the Anō Anō upcycled arts and crafts table. Here are some of the things you might find there:

A three year old focused and concentrating silently, for a whole hour as she practices her cutting skills.

Older kids bouncing off each other's creativity as they learn to weave, plait, make friendship bracelets, or practice the complex engineering of rubbish robot construction.

Kindy kids sorting buttons into piles of different colours, while their mums wait until they're not looking before pinching a handful for their collage art.

A table full of mums - not a kid to be seen - deep in the mindful practice of colouring in their own custom-made stickers while having a good ol' yarn.

A baby, seated on the floor, batting at the bouncing, dangling colourful threads of his mum's plaiting project.

You might hear stories being told, ako atu, ako mai - teaching and learning simultaneously, and if you listen very carefully... you might hear friendships being made, frustrations giving way to the thrill of accomplishment, or the deep, satisfied sigh of a mum truly relaxing for the first time all day.

We're just getting started. Right now, it's every second Friday. Soon to be every Friday. Come and hang out with us - just follow the fairytale music & the sounds of happiness.

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