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All charged up and ready to go!

It’s connected!

If you missed the flurry of activity on social media a couple of weeks ago you may be surprised to know we now have a 50kW DC Fast Charger up and running in the car park behind Te Ahu (off South Road, SH1). You can get enough charge for 100km of travel in around 20 minutes.

ChargeNet and Te Ahu have collaborated on getting this installed, the first fast charger in Te Hiku. Acknowledging the history of the area the text on the charger is in three languages: Te Reo Māori, Dalmatian and English.


The cost of charging a vehicle is about $10 per 100km of travel. ChargeNet have a map of charging points around the country, and detailed list of locations so you don’t have to worry about where to charge up next when away from home. For details about how to use the charging stations and how to pay etc go to They are also on Facebook.

There is a Northland EV Group on Facebook, an NZ Nissan Leaf Owners group (one of the more popular models of EV available here), and plenty others across the country if you are looking for brains to pick and/or fellow enthusiasts.

There are already several EVs around our rohe; if you would like to meet up with one of the owners and have a chat and go for a spin get in touch and we’ll put you in contact with Aaron who is keen to promote their use in the Far North.

by Anna Dunford, with help from Craig Salmon

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