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Planet Local - a quiet revolution

Tai Tokerau Timebank Local Coordinators in Whangaroa-Kerikeri, and Whangārei Urban & North have been instrumental in getting the film Planet Local shown in their rohe.

The film will be shown at Whangārei Library on 20th October, 5.30pm for a 6pm showing, as part of Regenerative Whangārei. Afterwards there will be an opportunity for everyone to join a discussion centred around what’s already happening locally and what more can we do to build a stronger, more connected community in the rohe.

This 50 minute film gives voice to a growing number of people around the globe, who are building a more beautiful world at a local level: featuring grass roots activists from around the world alongside internationally known figures like Russell Brand, Noam Chomsky, Vandana Shiva, Naomi Klein, Jane Goodall, Gabor Maté and Helena Norberg-Hodge.

Their wisdom and inspiration bring a refreshing clarity to the confusion currently dominating our topsy-turvy world.

The film shows innovating ways of supporting local businesses, growing local food, sharing traditional knowledge, opposing free trade treaties and challenging the crude, deceptive mainstream media narrative of ‘bigger is better’. It highlights countless initiatives that are already underway to protect and restore human-scale local economies, communities and the natural world.

Its over-ridingly positive message shows how human beings don’t need to be the problem – we can be the solution. The film is being shown free of charge thanks to funding from Whangārei Creative Communities.

The film was screened in Kerikeri as a fundraising event for the Kerikeri Crop Swap, Community Garden & Healing Shed on 20th August. The fundraising silent auction and tickets raised just over $1,500, a wonderful contribution for improving the Garden and Community space at 1188 Bulls Road (SH10) at Kerikeri Organic. To find out more about activities there keep an eye on the TTT Facebook page, or that of Transition Towns Bay of Islands-Whangaroa.

Kerikeri Cropswap in full swing at the Community Gardens

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