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The Rubbish Trip return

Back in November 2017 we were lucky to have Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Price, aka Two No-Waste Nomads behind The Rubbish Trip visit Kaitāia and give their inspiring flagship talk about Reducing our Household Rubbish: The Zero Waste Approach. It felt like a flying visit and we wished we had more time with them.

This time they’re up here for a week and doing not just their flagship talk again, but two other presentations too, all free! So pop these dates on your calendar and click the links or read below for more details on on each one.

Eco Centre Kaitaia is pleased to host The Rubbish Trip‘s presentation on zero waste living in Kaitaia.

Reducing our Household Rubbish: The Zero Waste Approach

Join Hannah and Liam for an introduction to the practicalities and philosophy of waste reduction. Drawing on their own research and over four years of experience living zero waste, Hannah and Liam will guide you through the whys and the hows of life without a rubbish bin, including:

– What is the zero waste movement? Why is waste reduction important?

– How zero waste principles can revolutionise your perspectives on living and lifestyle, beyond your rubbish bin.

– Innovative examples of waste minimisation policy, practice and thinking from around the globe, and how these might inform community-level waste reduction.

– Tips for how you can reduce the rubbish in your life (including fun DIY household products, cosmetics, and other life hacks).

This event is free; everyone is welcome. Free zero waste nibbles will be provided.

Beyond the Plastic Bag Ban

New Zealand has a “rubbish record on waste”. Per capita, we’re one of the most wasteful countries in the world. To make matters worse, our recycling system has unravelled following China’s import restrictions on recyclable materials.

The recent ban of single-use plastic bags demonstrates that New Zealanders want action on waste issues. However, there’s so much more that could be done if we look to overseas examples and our own Waste Minimisation legislation.

Join Hannah and Liam to discuss: – why New Zealand’s waste system is in such a mess – the policy we need to get out of this – how you can get involved in calling for more meaningful change.

Hannah is also the Coordinator of the New Zealand Product Stewardship Council, an independent, non-profit organisation supporting inclusive government, industry and community engagement around the investigation and implementation of product stewardship in New Zealand.

Zero Waste My Pantry!

Eco Centre Kaitaia is pleased to host a hands-on workshop with The Rubbish Trip about how to make easy snacks, treats and pantry staples from unpackaged ingredients.

Want to reduce your waste at home but not sure where to start? Often a substantial chunk of the waste in household rubbish bins is food and drink-related (whether the packaging food/drink comes in, or scraps and leftovers). So, this workshop goes straight to the heart of the issue, covering tips for low-waste food shopping, how to prepare everyday food from scratch using unpackaged ingredients, and how to avoid food-related rubbish when you’re out and about. We’ll all cook together with whatever ingredients we can forage packaging free, and generally have a great old time!

Our focus is on easy, affordable, nutritious versions of the kinds of packaged ‘convenience’ food and drink that most people consume regularly, including cereal, spreads, muesli bars, biscuits, crackers, dips, sweets, and hot and cold drinks.

Compiled by Anna Dunford, photo from The Rubbish Trip Facebook page

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