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Transitioning to a better future

Transition Towns Kaitāia connections have led to two workshops coming up at the EcoCentre in June. The first is a three session one on Divining with Christian Simon, and the second a workshop on composting toilets with Paul McLaren following on from the interest created at the TTK presentation ‘Most Toilets Don’t Flush‘ back in March.

Transition Towns Kaitāia is part of a vibrant, international grassroots movement that brings people together to explore how Kaitāia – as a community – can respond to the environmental, economic and social challenges arising from climate change, resource depletion and an economy based on growth.

The Divining Workshop is over three days; Saturday 8th (1-3pm) & Sunday 9th (10.30am-12.30pm), and Saturday 22nd (1-3pm) June, commencing each time at the EcoCentre. This will include site visits and the opportunity to literally try your hand at dowsing, for water and energy lines. If you’re interested, or simply curious, look up radiaestesie and/or divining before deciding to enroll for this workshop for some background information. Register at the EcoCentre by calling in or contacting us online, cost is $15 for the series.

The Composting Toilets workshop is also here on the 22nd June 1-3pm, however we have the use of the shop next door which is currently empty, where we’ll be holding that so there’s no problems with the clash, unless you want to attend both of course! Paul will be focusing on the most basic of bucket toilets, what to use in them, and how to deal with the full buckets. No registration required, but if you can let us know if you’re hoping to come it’ll help us set up the room. We’re probably going to be a bit short on chairs, so if you can bring a folding one with you that’d be great! Koha admission.

If you’d like to get the Transition Towns Kaitāia newsletters, or join the EcoCentre’s mailing list for upcoming workshops and events sign up at the EcoCentre or contact us online. We do also try to get our events into the Kaitāia Connect newsletter and their online calendar.

The composting toilets will be our first workshop in the space next door (between us and the boxing gym). We’re in the process of applying for funding to be able to use it on an ongoing basis for workshops, repair cafes, drop-in sessions, and our monthly Crafty Mondays. Big thanks to Stan Day, our landlord, for giving us this opportunity. We’re very excited about the possibilities this will open up. Watch this space for further announcements!

by Anna Dunford

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