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Big push for bottle deposits

Thanks to local campaigner Warren Snow, Kaitaia has been at the forefront of the Kiwi Bottle Drive with their national campaign being launched here with their first Bottle Drive last year, and followed up with an even bigger Kiwi Bottle Drive this July. At each of these events, and at the EcoCentre, you have had the chance to sign the petition calling for a container deposit scheme. This petition is being presented at the Beehive on 4th December, so there’s one last big push for signatures. You can sign online, on paper at the EcoCentre, or print your own petition page off and get friends, whānau and work colleagues to sign it too – find out how in the message below from campaign coordinators Holly & Rowan.

On Tuesday the 27th of November, people from across Aotearoa are coming together in a day-of-action to turn the tide on plastic – join us!

From wherever you are in the country on this day, you can take a small (or big) action to show you support clean oceans and healthy communities.

Our nationwide day-of-action will run in the lead up to the delivery of our petition to Parliament on December 4th. The aim is to get as many signatures on our petition as possible, so when we deliver it the following week, the folks at the beehive hear our message loud and clear.

This is where you come in. On Tuesday 27th November you can:

  1. Take our petition into your work and get your workmates to sign it, or you can get your whanau and friends to sign too. You can print a copy using this link.

Then gather signatures and send a pic or scan of it to us at: for data entry.

You can also take around your phone or computer and get people to sign online as well, by using this link:

Make sure to take a picture of everyone and post it on social media – we’ll be sharing pics from around the country throughout the day. Even better if you make a sign using our hashtag #TurnTheTideOnPlastic and tell us why you want Aotearoa to get a #CashForTrash bottle deposit scheme.

  1. We want to support people to feel as confident as possible while gathering petition signatures so we’ve made this guide.

  2. You can join in as we go LIVE around the country with lunchtime pop-up events, being co-organised by our friends and colleagues throughout the zero waste movement. If you’d like to join in, keep tuned to our Facebook page and see if there’s one in your hood. If you’re interested in joining in to help run one, or if you’d like to organise one in your neck of the woods – please get in touch with us and we can support you to make this happen. Email for more info.

Let’s turn the tide on plastic together this coming November – you can support from wherever you are in Aotearoa.

Tell your whānau and friends and let’s make this day-of-action big! Our voices are stronger when we stand together, and with a strong voice we can make sure we’re heard across Aotearoa.

Let 2018 be remembered as the year we turned the tide on plastic and began working towards a world without waste – for everyone!

Ngā mihi nui,

Holly and Rowan and the Kiwi Bottle Drive team

P.S Did you hear the results of our hashtag contest? #CashForTrash was the most popular hashtag as voted by YOU and we want you to use it! Head over to our Instagram (@kiwibottledrive) and Facebook too and you can use it (don’t forget to tag us @kiwibottledrive). We’ll leave it up to you to get creative with it 🙂

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