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Building Grassroots Relationships - Inspirational Connections!

Clare has been a passionate advocate for Timebank ever since she joined in Whangārei in Aug 2022. In February this year she bumped into Harley along her street and after waxing lyrical about Timebank to him, he hurried home and joined up!


His interest in anything to do with outdoors, gardening and landscaping led him to offer to help Clare in her garden. He has been transforming it – clearing undergrowth and building veggie plots – all in exchange for time credits!

He has also connected up with another very new member, Leela, and is assisting her with her large property in a variety of ways. All the while earning time credits.

His enthusiasm for helping has spilled over into outdoor work at He Awhi Rito once a week. The Ecosolutions compost bins were cleaned out and rebuilt in a morning! He’s a fabulous asset to the Envirohub and he benefits by accruing time credits that he can spend with any other member who’s offering something he needs.

Such is one of the benefits of being a member of Timebank, which aims to create community resilience through building grassroot relationships amongst its members.

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