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Connecting at a social gathering with flair

Updated: Jun 10

"Connections are a doorway to giving and receiving support" Sandra Driessen, Te Hiku Timebank member. A beautiful way to express our recent Timebank social gathering in Kaitaia last Saturday 25th May!

It had been a while since Te Hiku Timebank members had gathered together for a social event. With International Timebank Day in mind, we felt it a good excuse to do a belated celebration and get together for a shared lunch and re-connect with old and new friends. It was a fantastic afternoon enjoyed by all. Meaningful conversations, laughter, delicious food, timebanking questions and ideas were all a part of our fun day.

Timebankers from around the rohe attended with a number of children and it wouldn't have happened without our brilliant hosts Ian and Erik, who generously opened their lovely home for us all. What a feast! There was such delicious food brought by everyone that we all went home with happy tummy's.

Some Timebank members hadn't personally met before, so this was a great opportunity for us all to get to know one-another better.  "Connection gives purpose and meaning to our lives". We can timebank better when we know each other and when those connections are established.

Let's not leave it so long until the next timebank social event, keep an eye out for our next event! If you're keen on hosting the next one, reach out to me at


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