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Kaitaia Repair Cafe in action for May

We spent the morning getting cozy at the Menz Shed on Saturday 25th May, repairing and mending various items and keeping them out of the landfill. Many thanks to our Timebank members who make the Kaitaia Repair Cafe possible-your skills and time are appreciated! From the repairs to folk like Jen who provide support and help with the paperwork side of things.

The mending section was busy with Anna completing Jen's comforter, reducing its size to fit Jen's sofa bed. Job well done! Jatinder brought along one of his favourite well-loved shirts which Paula helped mend, the collar needed some attention. Helen was busy mending some overalls, sewing hems and adjusting its size.

We were lucky to have Keith and Helen attend with Keith's bike fixing skills. Keith worked hard tending to Anna's bike which had jolty gears. Jatinder jumped in to give him a helping hand too. End-result was it needs some spare parts, it's repairable with a little more time and attention. Great progress and Anna will have her bike back in no time.

Pascal and Jatinder are experts in not only tool sharpening and repairs but fixing small mechanical items and we're fortunate to have them attend the Repair Cafe! Pascal worked on a kettle as well as an old-school Sony Stereo which has been sitting around at the Menz Shed collecting dust. Pascal and Jatinder managed to get the radio working-woohoo for music!

If you'd like to volunteer at the Repair Cafe, you'll earn time credits as well as contributing to a reduction in waste. Remember you can pay for the repairs with Time credits. Koha appreciated. Contact caryl at if you need more information.

The next Kaitaia Repair Cafe is set for Saturday 29th June 10.30am-12.30pm, Menz Shed, 22 Church Road, Kaitaia. Start gathering your items now!

I have a broken pot handle, scissors, garden secateurs and loppers so far in my kite of items that need repairing, what will you bring along?

See you there!


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