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Cycles of success

Several cyclists with a variety of bikes attended a Timebank workshop on basic bike maintenance on Saturday the 31st August at the Eco Centre.

Peter de Wolfe shared his experience and we covered (without getting on our bikes!) a lot of ground; demonstrations and discussion included useful tools, adjusting bike seat and handlebars for the height of the rider, how to keep the bike oiled, brake adjustment and puncture repair.

There was an opportunity in the 3 hour workshop to trouble shoot issues individuals had with their own bikes. Given the variety in the types of bikes, the difference in gears and age, the conversation was full with useful information.

The workshop was a successes, helping those of us attending to recognise problems (or potential problems) and to feel more capable in fixing them. For myself in reflection, I wish I had attended a workshop before purchasing from TradeMe, as my choice may have been different and would encourage potential bikies to do just that.

Many thanks to those who attended and to Peter for sharing.

by Ruby Mack

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