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Foraging Food for Free!

On Saturday 11th May Timebank was fortunate to support a local foraging workshop run by Nicky Jarman who was more than happy to share her foraging skills and knowledge.

The group gathered at the Maara Kai Wai A Ariki O Onerahirahi Food Forest where Nicky shared her knowledge of local fruits and plants ready for harvesting. We learnt how to prepare, cook and preserve foraged foods. Information sheets with photos helped the group with identification.

Moving to Tamatarau beach Nicky took the group into a little area of bush where she pointed out edible plants. The cold wind kept us from the beach itself, but Nicky was able to share her knowledge of edible seaweeds.

It was a highly informative and fascinating workshop which left everyone looking at the world around them with very different eyes!

 ….  thank you for organising the Foraging Workshop.  It was incredibly informative and inspiring.  Nicky is like a library...she has a wealth of knowledge.”  Workshop participant

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