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Getting creative with Batik and Needle Felting in Kaitaia

Many thanks to those that came along to enjoy some creativity doing Batik and Needle Felting, especially huge thanks to the hosts Debbie and Lois that made it all happen! The workshops were held over three consecutive Tuesdays at Ano Ano, Kaitaia with 8 folk attending, most of whom were Timebankers. Some ladies had always wanted to try the craft and were new to it, whilst others had 'dabbled' in it years ago, re-igniting the passion during the workshops.

The workshops were a chance for everyone to get together, connect with new Timebank members and learn a new skill, whilst enjoying a sense of mindfulness getting lost in creativity. Each participant was able to take home their crafts, and beautiful artwork they were! Stunning colours, patterns and textures in all of them. You could see the sense of pride each member had with what they created!

The workshops were so well received that folk are asking for a repeat of the workshops, so watch this space as Debbie and Lois are eager to run the workshops again also.

Thanks to the creative community funding available through Timebank, this workshop was made possible. If you have a workshop or want to discuss an idea, do get in touch with me (Caryl), your local Te Hiku Coordinator or 021 048 6394

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