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Hokianga hubs of local activity

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Te Whare Herera in Kohukohu is currently undergoing renovation work which has rendered it out of action for quite some time now. But fingers crossed it won't be too much longer before it is back to being the vibrant community hub that it was, and a focal point for Timebanking activities. Below is a reflection by Jackie Davison written last year when it was at the height of its activity.

Janine McVeagh is now the Local Coordinator for Hokianga, and is central to the Hapori Day that happens in the Rāwene Campus building on Nimmo St East, across the Hokianga Harbour from Kohukohu. It too provides a place for community connection, the sharing of resources, ideas, knowledge and skills - all with no price tag on it! Timecredits and koha are what it runs on. The Hapori Days are held on the second Saturday of the month 10am-1pm, however in the height of summer it switches to late afternoon when it's cooler. The Hapori Days are a collaboration between Tai Tokerau Timebank and Hokianga Community Education Trust.

This is the second in our series of case studies showing how timebanking creates impact. You can download a high resolution PDF of this and all our other Case Studies here.

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