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Lifestyle Safari “Learning to live with less”

Join us on Saturday 3rd November, Honeymoon Valley 9:30am-3:30pm. Limited places left, so book now to avoid disappointment!

Here’s an opportunity to visit lifestyle properties in our community. You will visit four lifestyle properties in and around Honeymoon Valley. The owners of each property have willingly opened their homes for this event so that you can experience first hand how they live their lives.

As part of this safari you will see examples of:  Passive Solar Designs, Solar Hot Water Heating  Earth Buildings, Micro-Hydro Systems  Solar Electric Systems, Permaculture Garden Designs  Lime Plastering, Native Reserve Conservation Land Care

You will need to:  Register with Ian Kaihe-Wetting  Pay registration fee of $25.00  Receive details of safari programme and respective addresses for each property  Let Ian know if you wish to ‘Car Pool’ or will travel independently.  Bring along lunch to share

Contact: Ian Kaihe-Wetting (027)2100870 and

Whilst on at the same weekend this is not part of the RDA Garden Safari which is up north this year around Pukenui, Houhora etc. As that event is over the Saturday and Sunday we hope you’ll be able to attend both if you wish, but you will need to book for them separately!

Unlike the RDA safari this event is a guided tour round each property in turn, with a shared lunch at the second venue. This allows an opportunity to learn from each other as well as our hosts.

Our previous Lifestyle Safari in 2016 was hugely successful, and it looks like this one will be just as fascinating and inspiring. Below are some photos from the 2016 event around Ahipara and Pukepoto to whet your appetite.

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