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Native Healing Herbals

On Saturday 13th April, a Native Healing Herbals Timebank Workshop took place in Whangārei, tutored by Tia Healey-Jellick and attended by three Timebank members and four non-members.

Tia introduced the workshop with a background to her journey into native medicinal plants. She found that her body responded more effectively to the plant medicine than conventional drugs, as plants work with our bodies to bring them back into balance.

Following tikanga, maintaining integrity and respect for the bush and the plants used, Tia developed a range of healing balms infused with healing plant energy, which compliments the body, supporting it to heal without a concoction of chemicals.

The group then nipped across the road to visit Maara Kai o Wai a Ariki Onerahirahi / Wai a Ariki Food Forest Onerahirahi, where Tia introduced us to kawakawa – instructing us on when and how to pick the leaves with respect and gratitude.

Back inside she demonstrated how to make a kawakawa balm and talked about the traditional medicinal properties of some of our native and introduced flora.

This highly informative and fascinating event was made possible with the support of the

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