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Old Laptops Wanted …

Bring your old laptops that either don’t work or have been replaced into the EcoCentre on Bank Street Kaitāia for recycling into spare parts to help out others in your community.

The EcoCentre is running a pilot scheme to test converting parts from old laptops into either working laptops, or spare second hand parts such as hard drives, RAM, screens and chargers, before the laptops enter the normal recycling process. Other schemes such as this one in the USA have proven popular.

Refurbished and rebuilt laptops will be available for low cost (to help cover the price of spare parts we do have to buy) and we’d like to set up a means to donate laptops within the community, perhaps partnering with a local organisation group who can assess need etc. 

· Please bring adaptors (power cable/chargers) if you have them as they are vital for testing the laptop. · Currently we are accepting only laptops – the scheme may be extended at a later date depending on demand and viability to include desktops or other computers or devices.

Kia ora rawa atu

Collin Roberts

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