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Poster competition – Plastic Free July 2019

Thanks to a request on Facebook for a repeat of last year’s popular Plastic Free July poster competition Jo Shanks of CBEC Ecosolutions has stepped up and organised a poster competition for under 18s. So please note that the entries need to be dropped off at CBEC/The Garden Centre at Pukepoto Road! They are open 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

The subject for the posters is “What did your whānau do to be more plastic free in July?” Posters will be displayed in the atrium at Te Ahu, and an award ceremony will be held there in conjunction with one for the other competitions for schools and businesses (time and date to be confirmed).

Make sure you put your name, age, date of birth and a contact phone number or email address on the back of the poster (so that the judges can’t see who did what!) There are three age groups: Teina 5yrs – 9yrs, Waenga 10 yrs to 13yrs, and Tuakana 14yrs to 17yrs.

Entries need to be dropped off by 4pm on Friday 3rd August 2019.

We look forward to seeing the end results go on display and hearing how whānau have stepped up to the challenge of decreasing their consumption of single use plastic. If you need some inspiration check out the Plastic Free July website, join the Plastic Free Te Hiku Facebook group or call in to the EcoCentre for a chat.

Thanks Jo for picking up on this one!

by Anna Dunford

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