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Refashion, repurpose

We've been quietly beavering away at the Clothing Rescue in Kaitāia, but not very good at telling everyone about what we're doing, or remembering to take photos!

So in one of those 'think it, do it' moments (aka procrastinating over report writing...) here's a wee update and photos of some of the things that have been upcycled.

This is what we currently have on our rack at the EcoCentre, plus some more complex upcycling fashion made by Siddha-Stuff. One thing you can guarantee about all of it is that they're one offs!

Most weeks we collect a large bag or two, of clothing from the Salvation Army Store in Kaitāia. Some of the stuff is stuff they have rejected for whatever reason, some has simply not sold in the last few weeks but is otherwise fine as it is. If we didn't take it it would go to landfill which seems crazy when so much of it is perfectly wearable as it is. But they only have so much space to hold on to stock.

We sort the clothing into a needs washed, mended, and pet bed stuffing piles, and the rest either goes straight to the koha box or on to the 'project rail'. The exceptions are anything denim and shirts that go straight on the shelves ready for projects.

The koha boxes at the EcoCentre Kaitāia, and when they do a market stall, gives things another chance to be bought 'as is'. If it doesn't sell here it comes back through to Anō Anō! to be upcycled into something else.

Items get jazzed up a bit, gain some decorative mending, or get remodeled into something new. With an exhibition of upcycled denim being held next month there's been a lot of things being done with that lately.

T-shirts no longer good enough to wear get cut into t-shirt yarn to be crocheted into new items such as baskets and bowls. Some t-shirts get made into t-shirt bags for the EcoCentre, Salvation Army and the Kaitāia Library.

Funds raised from the sale of the clothes etc goes back into the project keeping us supplied with sewing machine needles, getting the machines serviced etc.

If you'd like to join us we're at Anō Anō! on Bank Street, Kaitāia 2-5pm every Thursday, plus the 2nd Saturday of the month 10.30am-1pm. Lyn has just started offering sewing lessons at Anō Anō! so if you feel like you need some extra tuition pop in and have a chat with her or contact her via the EcoCentre.

Of course if you're a member of Tai Tokerau Timebank you can earn timecredits for your mahi whether that's done at Anō Anō! or at home.

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