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Soap Making on a Crafty Monday

We had a great turn out to our soap making workshop, thank you to those who came along!

Terrianne Catlow is a local to the Far North and soap making is one of her hobbies. She kindly came along and demonstrated how to make your own body soap. She covered equipment, safety, hot and cold process and we learnt that once you learn the basic technique and follow the lye table for soap making you can have a lot of fun experimenting with different oils, fragrances, flowers, herbs and the like.

Terrianne was a great advocate for looking out for our environment during her presentation. Terrianne re-purposed household items that would otherwise head straight to landfill for her soap making for example: using a Pringles potato chip container as a soap mould, reusing single use plastic containers for measuring out ingredients and, chipped glass bowls that you might not want to use in the kitchen any more for mixing in.

Thank you again Terrianne, and happy soap making everyone!

by Angela Callagher

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