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Winter wellness

Cheryl Toka is a qualified Naturopath and donated her time to the EcoCentre to share her knowledge about herbal remedies for winter immunity. Cheryl  emphasised the importance of exercise, consuming fresh, local, organic produce, reducing your intake of processed foods and, “everything in moderation.” She believes this gives every person the basis for a healthy lifestyle which can be supplemented by natural supplements.

Cheryl shared with us the contents of her own first aid kit or “treasure chest.” Echinacea, garlic, honey, onion and eucalyptus oil are all well utilised in Cheryl’s own home and she shared with us their many uses. We also got to taste test her ‘Master Tonic’ a spicy concoction that is valued as an immune booster.

If you haven’t discovered  the value of herb tea Cheryl recommends you begin with lemonbalm as it is easy to brew and easy to drink. Lemonbalm is a great anti-inflammatory but Cheryl  also recommends it for the kids as it has calming effects. She also advises  yarrow, peppermint and elderflower tea for common winter ailments.

Cheryl does not practice naturopathy publicly any more however she does offer her services to Kaitaia Timebank members. For more information on TimeBank or to become a member check out or email, or you prefer face to face you can find us at the EcoCentre, 8 South Road, Kaitaia between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

by Angela Callagher

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