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Timebanking at its best!

Another successful Kefir Workshop was held at Anō Anō, Kaitaia last week. Timebank member Peter is always joyful and excited to share the wonderous Kefir around the community and is really great at explaining how easy it is to make this fantastic product. There were four attendees including myself and we each had the chance to taste the milk and water grains and then take home our jars of grains-thank you Peter!

In true Timebank fashion, more exchanges and ideas flourished from the workshop. Future exchanges between members will be happening for offering their services as a 'Timebank Courier'. One member needed a product and a few plants, and the other member was able to drop these off to the Eco Centre! How awesome! There was also a discussion around a Cleansing Clay workshop happening from a timebank member who came to the workshop, so watch this space!

So not only was it a Kefir workshop, but a morning of making connections within the community, helping each other out, meeting needs and exchanging ideas. Timebanking at its best!

If you have an idea for a workshop that you'd like to put forward, then don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll get this organised for you. or 021 048 6394


Local Te Hiku Coordinator

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