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Waikawa weaving workshop

Kaitāia TimeBankers gathered for a day’s workshop learning how to make waikawa, traditional kai storage baskets. What a great day it was!

From growing plant to finished basket in just a few hours. Everyone got to go home with a completed one.

You can use them as a shopping basket, toilet roll holder or laundry basket as well as storing kumara, potatoes, onions etc. Functional, beautiful, and made from a resource that is freely available locally. All you need is time, and the skills!

“Loved the workshop and meeting new people. Also all the lovely support and camaraderie. I learnt how to begin to work with harekeke and I will look forward to some more days improving on my work. Best regards to our leaders, participants and to John for his house and garden. Also for all our healthy food to nature us on the day.” Dianne

That is where TimeBanking comes in to its own, sharing skills for timecredits. Everyone’s time is worth the same, so everyone either paid or received the number or timecredits equal to the hours they put in.

Not only does TimeBanking give you access to wonderful workshops like this, but also direct access to a whole directory of skills and resources.

“Thanks so much for a truly wonder-full day. Lovely setting, great tutors, wonderful wairua throughout the whole wananga. I was delighted to come home with a completed waikawa I am proud of, thanks to the skillful guidance of the tutors. I have become a little too consumed in my own small corner of the world in recent months; the workshop has reinvigorated and inspired me to look for more opportunities to become more involved with and build connections with TimeBank members. Thanks again.” Nicola

We’re hoping to run a repeat of the workshop in April, but this time open to anyone, and costing real money! Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for updates.

If you’d like to join up as a Kaitāia TimeBank member go to and click on ‘Join’ in the top righthand corner of the page and fill in the form. Either Paula Walker or Anna Dunford will get in touch with you about arranging an orientation session with you to get you timebanking!

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