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Dear Manager…

Many of us struggle with the amount of plastic packaging found around the things that line the shelves of our supermarkets and other shops around town. Some find it easy to speak up about it at the time, others aren’t so confident.

Jane Banfield, aka Zero Waste Granny from Paihia, has designed these labels that you can print out at home and either attach them to packaging you leave behind, return to the shop, or simply attach to a product on a shelf to address that problem. As she says in the Far North Zero Waste Facebook Group:

I don’t always find it easy to share how I feel about plastic packaging with supermarkets, business selling electronic equipment, hardware stores etc. It is tricky to get the message across eh?

I’ve created this business card sized paper label to help me be a stronger voice for example to leave on the rice cracker shelf (my pet hate – all that plastic for a few crackers!!) or deliver back with the empty TV box filled with polystyrene packaging.

If you want to join me in a silent protest, click on this link and download a sheet of ten to use yourself. I believe that it is by us householders doing stuff together that our combined voices can bring about flourishing communities, flourishing ecosystems, flourishing children.

Lets transform our Far North district!

The quote currently up on the EcoCentre wall says ‘Think you’re too small to make a difference? Try sleeping with a mosquito in the room‘ – we may each be just one person, but small doesn’t mean insignificant! Each action contributes towards change, even if we don’t see the results immediately. Who knows who you may inspire with your actions?!

We’d love to hear what other actions people are taking so that we can share the ideas around our community. Comment on this post, send us a message or contact us via Facebook.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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