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What were Timebankers up to in July in Whangaroa-Kerikeri and Kaikohe?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Community Gatherings Northland Style

No, the little horse isn't a TTT member (yet) but .... Let's say the horse's owner (let's call her Margit) lets me borrow her horse for an hour I can then credit Margit one timecredit.

In this case .. I thought the photo would put a smile on the reader's face. It was taken at a recent SerendipiDay 'Family Fayre', our weekly community market next to the Māra Tui community garden.

All of which are 'organisational members' and a lively timecredit exchange has been happening since they are now all again fully active on the new platform.


PHA Waipapa & Kerikeri : People's Health Alliance with events happening at both, the Kerikeri Healing Hut and at timebank member Michelle's "Inside Out Wellness Hub" in Waipapa. The most recent timecredit exchange happened in conjunction with a Sunday retreat / workshop "Te Hohonu - The Deepening". The facilitator received Koha and the venue provider received koha and timecredits.


#PlasticFreeJuly "Sewing Jam" in Kaeo

We dug out our boxes of fabric, brought along the good old Kaeo and Kerikeri labels, car boots full of sewing machines, warm hearts and plenty of smiles!

It was very cool to have the HomeSchoolers join us for a couple of hours - sorry, faaaaaar to busy then to take photos.

You'll find some of the bags in September at our Kai Fest event, where they 'll be prizes given to our speakers, panelists and workshop providers.

Yes, plenty of timecredits exchanged also here.


Paul and the Repair Cafe in Kaikohe have been going from strength to strength.

Michelle is admin on his TTT organisational page and keeps track of photos and timecredits. a little photo compilation from previous Repair Cafes. They are now featured in Repair Cafe Aotearoa's new handbook.

Go and find them in Kaikohe on the last Saturday of the month from 10 - 4. From what I see there are only very few items that the ever growing team aren't managing to fix. Go team !


Just as I was leaving the Cherry Park House I had this rainbow shining on me - so I thought it will probably be a good 'sign' for our monthly TimeBank workshops starting the first Wednesday in September.

Workshop facilitators, where are you? We'd like to see you here in Kerikeri sharing your skills with us

Get in touch with me We'll be at the Kerikeri Cherry Park house every first Wednesday of the month for the next 6 - 12 months, a whole afternoon 12 - 4pm.

Making balms, reading palms, fermenting foods, writing poetry, dancing, singing, making cards and books, astrology, arts, crafts, languages, healing .... the list is endless and WE'd love to have you there.

Message me if you want to share a skill and also if you are interested in the Wednesday workshops, starting in September.


Regular events in this rohe are: CropSwaps in Kerikeri and Kaeo, Gardening working bees with Sandy in Kaeo, Saturday's SerendipiDay ... and I might have forgotten some here.

Best is to message me so I can point you in the right direction, and put you on the mailing list.

If you are on facebook come and join our local facebook group

If you aren't already a member of Transition Towns Bay of Islands - Whangaroa (another organisational member here on TimeBank) find us on the facebook group page here

Happy 1st of August 2023 !


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