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It’s a wrap!

A beeswax wrap! Several sizes in fact, and lovely ones specially designed for sandwiches and wraps (of the edible kind).

We have partnered up with Viv Harding who makes beeswax wraps as a fundraiser for Days for Girls, an international grassroots network of thousands of volunteers around the world. Days for Girls provide education, feminine hygiene kits, awareness and dignity to women and girls in need in over 100 countries on 6 continents, including here in Aotearoa NZ.

Not having sanitary supplies can mean days without school, days without income, days without leaving the house and is the primary reason for girls dropping out of school in developing nations.

Viv had been sewing menstrual cloths for Days for Girls for some time as part of the Aotearoa NZ team when she discovered how to make Beeswax wraps. Using some of the same materials she started making the wraps to raise funds for the cause in addition to making them supplies to send out. She approached us to see if we’d stock them for her and we were delighted to say yes.

So, the EcoCentre gets a couple of dollars from each sale, Viv covers her costs and the rest of the money goes to Days for Girls. And you get a reusable beeswax wrap keeping plastic out of the system! A win all round.

We have two multipacks ($20 per pack), individual wraps ($2.50-$12) and special buttoned wraps for sandwiches & wraps ($11). The multipacks have either 2 x medium, 1 small & 1 x-small, or 1 large, 1 medium & 1 small (great for school lunches).


Use the warmth of your hands to shape your wrap over food and dishes. Little bowls and ramekins are great for small amounts of leftovers in the fridge with a wrap over the top, the small ones are also great for half-avocados as you can get a really good seal and stop them turning brown. The wrap sticks to itself when you press firmly over a bowl or plate. If you have cold hands then warm them up under the hot tap rather than warming up the wrap!

When your wrap needs a clean always use cold water and if need be a mild detergent (just water is usually fine), sponging off with a cloth is best, air dry them or pat dry with a tea towel.

Wraps don’t like heat so avoid dishwashers, microwaves and ovens, hot bowls etc. As they can’t be washed in hot water don’t use them to cover meat.

If you look after your wraps they can be reused many times. When they stop sticking to itself you can revitalise them with a bit more beeswax grated over and then melted on through baking paper with an iron or on a tray in the oven (or dipped in wax if you’re making a lot! Lots of clips on You Tube) or when finally beyond salvaging they can be added to your compost heap as they’re 100% cotton or linen.

by Anna Dunford

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