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......... 'In with the New"

Starting the year 2024 with a big bang !!!

Have a look at what's happening right next week on the grounds of SerendipiDay (organisational Timebank member) and Marty's land (personal member) and message me as to how you can use your TC 's (Timecredits) to participate in this seriously fantastic workshop next week !

Happy New Year 2024 everyone, from my heart to yours. May it be a good year for us all with 

a growing sense of community here in our Timebank, which hopefully will ripple out into the wider community in New Zealand, and may there be a steadily increasing longing for PEACE in our world.

As promised in December I am bringing in “all things new” with this first blog in 2024, and it has already been pretty busy in our Whangaroa - Kerikeri rohe (area). 

Two families who were affected by the flooding last year have received support to repair damages to their properties’ access driveways. I’d like to ask the Timebank community to get ready for a call out for help to organise a working bee on those properties after the hot summer is over.

Some more about funding: As you’ll have read in Anna’s End of the Year report there has been a lot of awesomeness happening across all of Taitokerau and we can all be proud to belong to 

such wonderful organisations and groups. I for one certainly am. My huge gratitude goes to the organisations - and behind every organisation are some pretty awesome people - that generate these types of funding. To put it to good use just generates a huge sense of empowerment to the whole community. 

To the topic “Sustainable Food Solutions”: It has worried many people that during some of the recent weather events quite a few families were cut off from shops & supermarkets. They have raised funding for organisations like ours to come up with projects to guarantee food supply in such events and I would like you to

put your thinking caps on and get back to me with your ideas as to what projects, workshops etc we could organise throughout 2024 for 'sustainable food solution' project. PFFA, the People food and farming association NZ, will be joining us an organisational member so I am pretty confident we'll create some fantastic projects in 2024.

New Repair Cafe opening in Kerikeri ! Had to edit this part of the blog as the project has been put on hold - I do believe, however that there is a need and a place and a way to make it happen ! 

My heart is bleeding a little bit though about the content that I removed just now.

Still… we’ll be needing to cover all these bases so please come forth all you amazing repairers, volunteer superstars, organisational masters … !!! 

We’ll be needing people to run, coordinate, volunteer for this exciting new project! 

Please talk to friends, family, neighbours. Timebank members can get in touch through the 

Timebank request here - non members can contact me 021 149 8656 or

Meet’n greet: I’ll organise a date for once a month when I’ll be at the Packhouse Cafe for people to meet up with one another - and me - about all things Timebank related. Will trial it out end of February and confirm beforehand. Watch this space!

February Cherry Park workshop will be presented by Imago, long standing Timebank member and passionate about all things “Integral” and Ken Wilber’s Integral Life philosophy. 

As usual, the first Wednesday of the month, 7th February. I’ll be there from 12 - 4, the workshop is

from 1 to 3pm and I’d like people to RSVP once the event is listed to give us a chance for better planning.

Imago will give us an overview of “Integral Theory”, to through some “Integral Practices” with us and therewill be room for Q & A.

2024 began for Timebankers and non-members with my workshop “Strategies for Stress & Anxiety”. 

“It was such a practical workshop. We came away understanding how stress impacts our body and took home many hands-on strategies to calm ourselves”

“ I learned completely new things today”

…….were some of the comments. 

This next workshop about “Integral Life” truly continues to start us off for an all-around good year with more and more of us coming into balance and the above mentioned PEACE. 

As I like to say “ Peace is an inside job”. 

CropSwaps are starting up again with a couple of changes: 4th Saturday of the month for Kerikeri 3pm and 1st Sunday of the month in Kaeo 3pm (subject to change).

And there is a Roundhouse Building Wānanga happening next week over 3 days here in Kerikeri; details to follow soon.

Ngā mihi aroha, 


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